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Review of True Fitness at Jaya 33

January 13th, 2008 · 32 Comments ·

In October 2005, was told that True Fitness would have a branch at Jaya 33 at Section 13, Petaling Jaya. It would be True Fitness third outlet in Malaysia, after Desa Sri Hartamas in June 2005 and USJ 10 (Taipan) in June 2006. So, again, in June, but in year 2007, True Fitness Jaya 33 finally opened its door.




Armed with my newly upgraded lifetime membership, decided to drop by at True Fitness at Jaya 33 in June 2007. Therefore, bear in mind that this review was prepared in June 2007 and some of the things may have changed since then.

This new gym is located at a strategic location for office workers in the vicinity of Section 13 and 14 Petaling Jaya. It is directly opposite to Public Bank, Hong Leong Bank and Maybank in Section 14. If you come from Bulatan Rothman, it will be on your side left. This white building is huge and you will not miss it.


The entrance of the gym is at the ground floor with new Coffee Bean located directly opposite of it. Supposedly, one just has to register at the ground floor and use the internal staircase to go to first floor. However, because the renovation is still ongoing (70% completed as of 24 June 2007), after scanning the card at ground floor, member has to take an access card and take a lift (or escalator) to work out at the first floor.

So, what do we have at the ground floor in addition to the reception area mentioned earlier?

It has the typical disco look alike sales area. I saw True Bliss there. True Bliss, which is True Fitness merchandise arm, sells clothes, supplements, and drinks, is here too. I found kid nursery there at one corner.

If you walk straight from the ground floor entrance, you will see rows of treadmills with plasma televisions hanging on the floor. I found it bit dark over here.


I went to first floor to look for the changing room. Lockers, toilet, bathrooms, steam room and sauna are all there. It is bigger than the one at Sri Hartamas and about the same size like the one in Taipan.




As expected, towel service is not provided. So does pad lock. So, remember to bring yours. As mentioned many times, without towel service, instead of striving to be the best, True Fitness has actually taken a step backward. What a pity.


After putting my stuff into the locker, I went straight to the free weight area. More benches here than Hartamas and Taipan branch. It also has the complete set of handles.


Apart from having more weights and handles, it actually raised the floor for the dumbbells area. That spot is covered with special type of carpet which absorbs noise and impact if one drops the dumbbell.






I found the decline bench with adjustable leg area and instantly appreciated it. The current one at Taipan branch is fixed permanently.


If you prefer resistance machines, you may like this place. In terms of the machines arrangement, it is better than the other two outlets. It has grouped the machines together according to muscle groups.


As for the cardio machines, as expected, it has treadmill, cross trainers, bikes and Cardio Wave machines. For those who have been spoiled with cardio machines with plasma screens at Taipan branch, too bad, you will not see the similar machines here. One row of the machines are facing the busy road (Jalan Semangat), the other row is facing a boring building at the side.





I saw three studios, two for the dance classes and one for RPM. The studios are about the same size like those in Taipan branch and definitely bigger than Hartamas one. Less pillars with all of them are at the back of the studio. Therefore, better layout design for studios here.





The so called Fitness Department is located at first floor too. I saw a row of cubicles here. They are used by the personal trainers to do sales. The body fat measurement machines are found in some of the cubicles. Right beside each machine, the BMI charts are pasted on the wall.



Saw a DJ booth too. The equipments are not there yet and you will not find any disc jockey spinning any tracks.


Also, True Yoga is not completed yet. For those holding passport memberships, unfortunately, we are not allowed to enter True Yoga. Additional charge will be incurred to attend Yoga classes here. Yes, was told that Yoga classes here will be different than other outlets. I do not want to speculate, but I will be let down if this is the confirmed policy. After charging for shoe lockers at Taipan branch, now, Yoga classes too?

I went to fourth floor to take a look at the swimming pool. True Spa will be at the fourth floor too. By the way, second and third floor are all car parks. Fourth floor, half of the space is meant for car parks too. So, I believe that it is possible to drive all the way up to fourth floor to park you car and then dip into the swimming pool right after you come out from car. Ahem.




The pool depth is between 3 to 4.5 feet, I guess. It is about 30 meters in length and 3 to 4 meters in width. Expected it to be much bigger. Also, it is an outdoor pool. So, I doubt that members are allowed to use the pool when it rains. However, the view is pretty nice up here.

True Fitness CEO, Patrick Wee, is targeting to recruit about 5,000 members for Jaya 33 outlet. With about 70,000 sqft built up area at Jaya 33, the 5,000 figure is nothing compare to his goal to have 10,000 members for Taipan branch which has 80,000 sqft built up area. Now, look at the figures – 5,000 members for 70,000 sqft of Jaya 33 and 10,000 member for 80,000 sqft for Taipan outlet. Yeah, 50% less with only 10,000 sqft difference. Will be interested to know how he comes out with the numbers.

If you stay or work around PJ area, go there for a week of free trial and let me know what you think. Here is the location map of Jaya33 building:


What I Like:

  • The machines are brand new and you do not have to fight for car park space for now.
  • The gym has high ceiling which is about 14 feet. So, unlike the previous two outlets which are located in shop lots, this one looks more spacious. Air ventilation is better too.


Things to watch out:

  • No towel service and additional charge for Yoga classes. Before you sign up, ask about the towel service, Yoga package and contract period. Go for each term in the contract carefully. Read two of my articles for more advise: 10 Tips To Choose A Good Gym and Don’t Sign Any Gym Contract Before You Read This.
  • Swimming pool may not be big enough. But, it may be subjective, when comes to size, ahem.
  • As pointed by reader Alan, True Spa is currently only restricted for women as the company is having problems obtaining a license for it to run as a unisex spa.
  • Was told Jaya33 has about 1,000 car parks. Until 30 June 2007, the parking fee was RM3 per entry. Now, the parking fee:
    • On normal office hours during weekday, it is RM1.50 for the member, but for other office worker, it is RM4.50 per entry.
    • After 5 PM 6 PM and weekends, the fee is rm1.50 per entry.


  • As for the fee, was told it is about average RM160 monthly fee for 3-year contract for home based package. I believe that you can get better deal if you know their sales gimmick. For those who have joined, I will appreciate if you could leave your comment on how much you have paid to join True Fitness at Jaya 33.
    Based on the comments left,after negotiation, the package is about RM4,032 for 3-year membership which is average of RM112 per month.




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  • Jonz // Jan 13, 2008 at 7:36 PM

    The passport membership for True Fitness is priced at about RM 112 per month for a 3 year membership. The catch is you gotta pay thru either EON Bank, CIMB or Public Bank credit card to get a 24 month installment. Other credit cards like Alliance Bank, HSBC, Citibank will get a 12 month installment which breaks down to about RM 336 per month.

  • Alan // Jan 15, 2008 at 12:07 AM

    Don’t need to elaborate further on the membership fee this Jonz has done that well in his comment. Just to add that the passport membership described includes access to True Yoga as well (which, like the Taipan outlet, includes a studio for Hot Yoga classes as well as the standard classes). Also, parking is currently priced at RM1.50 PER HOUR for True Fitness members. After 5 pm, parking is priced at RM1.50 per ENTRY. The RM1.50 per ENTRY rate also applies to weekends and public holidays.

    Access to True Spa is currently only available for women as the establishment is having problems obtaining a license for it to run as a unisex spa. And I agree with Mun that the lack of towel service really lowers the image and credentials of this fitness centre which could really give Fitness First a run for its money otherwise. I could do with having to bring my own lock, but the absence of towel service is really quite frustrating.

    Kudos to Mun for yet another superb review on a True Fitness outlet. I can’t wait to see your review for the Pavillion outlet!

  • May // Apr 2, 2008 at 2:46 PM

    Joined True Fitness (TF) Jaya 33 in Oct 07 as my office is located in the same building. Was approached by a barage of TF counsellors trying to sell their packages to all the offices located in the same building. Was 1st given the package of RM209 p/m + RM100 (precessing fee, joining fee waived), this is a 2 year contract, home package incl. of yoga. After persuading us to bring along a few others who are interested in joining and after all the gimmick-y show of talking to my manager, etc.. The rate was brought down to RM149 p/m + RM100 (precessing fee, joining fee waived) but have to pay thru the few affiliated credit cards. Later got to know that a collegue manage to secure a the same package for RM139 p/m. Bummer!!

  • ling // May 29, 2008 at 10:00 PM

    i joined true fitness in june 2007 and have been plagued with problems since then.

    Problem 1: lying staff
    the general manager sam signed me and a friend up. i took a 1-year package and am paying a ridiculous RM208.90 per month for it.
    sam suckered my friend into taking the 3 year package for RM4675 by telling him his family members could all join at a 50% discount on the same package. what he didnt tell my friend was that “family members” have to be under 25. considering my friend was 26 at the time and said his OLDER brother and PARENTS wanted to join, and that sam DIDN’T say anything about this clause, we can only conclude he blatantly lied to get my friend to sign on the line. it was only when his brother (aged 28 then) went to sign up that the floor manager told him about the age limit!!! we had to argue with the manager for SO LONG before they “let” my friend convert his membership into a shorter-period contract and contra the extra cash over to his brother’s account. so essentially, their general manager lied directly to our faces and wouldnt live up to his word, and then got another member just like that. horrible!!! but that wasnt the end of it.

    Problem 2: sam promised the swimming pool, the main reason i joined, would be open in june. it didnt open till september. 3 months’ wasted membership. i took to calling ahead EVERY SINGLE TIME i went to the gym to check if it was open yet. always the same answer “we’re still having some problems with the pool…” from the morons at the desk, even though their giant billboard was advertising the pool as the biggest, best etc. fine. one day i call up, they tell me it’s fine, i pack my bags for just the pool and bring a guest along. get to the counter, there’s a sign there saying the pool has been closed for the last 3 days, and is also closed today. i am so pissed off because i have paid for parking, slathered sunscreen all over myself and NOT BROUGHT MY TRAINERS FOR ANY KIND OF GYM WORKOUT so it was a completely wasted trip. after arguing with the management about this for the longest time, ie the 3 month pool opening delay, they offer me one months’ free membership. hah!

    Problem 3: bad upkeep
    besides the things like (a) paying for parking (b) no towels and (c) really really imcompetent staff, the ONE AND ONLY REASON I JOINED TRUE FITNESS is really badly maintained. when i come out of the pool, i feel really, really grimy/slimy. yesterday the showers by the pool were not working but nothing was being done about it. the pool speakers worked for a short while and now there’s no music in the pool anymore. the other day there was a strange wire leading out of one… that just trailed out of the pool.

    but the worst part is, the lockerooms/bathrooms attached to the spa and pool have NO HAIRDRYERS, NO COTTON BUDS, ANYTHING. AND THEY SMELL REALLY, REALLY BAD. my friend, who was visiting from the UK almost gagged when she tried to use the bathroom, it was that awful. it’s a very bad septic-tank type smell. and i’m paying RM200+ a month for this??? absolutely ridiculous. as for the no towel thing, even next to a POOL??? how crappy is THAT??? it’s a true ripoff if you ask me…


  • ling // May 30, 2008 at 10:40 AM

    I thought I’d mention one more thing – True Fitness requries you to go to their gym in person 60 days before your contract expires to confirm termination of your contract, even though when they take your first payment, it is for the 1st and last month of your contract.

    So when I called to terminate my contract 50 days in advance, they said I had overpaid and they would not refund the payment to me but would give me one more month free. Nobody has mentioned this 60 day clause to me before until I called to terminate. Someone called earlier, to tell me it was going to expire, and he asked if I wanted to extend, but NEVER MENTIONED THIS!!!

    Original expiry date = June 2008
    Extension because I yelled at them = July 2008
    Extension because they took the payment on May 15th already = August 2008

    Sigh, I really want to be free of this gym. I really hope more people read about this and think twice before this happens to them too!

  • coolcrave // Jun 26, 2008 at 3:15 PM

    Hi guys i would be interested to join FF soon. I am getting the idea of the packages there offer there by the review and the comments left below. I am curious to know if there might be a package offered for lesser than 3 years. A one year contract would be absolutely great. Please forgive my ignorance. thank you guys

  • Chan Lee Meng // Jul 20, 2008 at 10:46 PM

    Thanks Mun, et al. for the useful info.

    Briefly contemplated joining this place. Went with a friend to scope them out. These were the deal-breakers for me:

    1. Music was too loud for me. Almost felt like a nightclub.

    2. There’s a DJ and a DJ booth. I suppose that explains the loud music. Nothing agains DJs, but I know they don’t work for free. This is an extravagance, IMHO, and at the end of the day, it the members who pay for this. That also means less money is spend on equipment, maintenence, etc.

    3. No towels. Was quite surprised by this, considering the rates.

    4. Sales people were very pushy. This is probably the case in most chain gyms. They also want you to “add on” personal training.

    5. “Free” yoga, aerobics, pilates etc. Quite pointless for me because I’m mainly interested in weights and machines. Didn’t feel like paying for stuff I don’t use.

    So, my friend joined, but I didn’t. She drove a hard bargain though; she knocked them down to RM130/month (2 years, no joining fee). So if you want to join, don’t back down and don’t pay the list price! There’s always room to bargain. Also, you’ll have more leverage towards the end of the month because the sales people are trying to meet their quotas.

  • Cedrc // Jul 21, 2008 at 12:03 AM

    TRUE FITNESS CLOSING IN SINGAPORE>>>ANY NEWS ARE THEY GONNA RELOCATE .. I am suprised that when the closure notice is out..the sales consultant are still doing their round and asking ppl to sign up…..

    I’ve heard numerous complaints circulatin the internet about TF…more than other fitness centre….probably the other knows how to cover it well….

    Is TF Really that bad in terms of customer service?

  • Jessie // Aug 21, 2008 at 9:38 AM

    True Spa is not being trained to be professional. They fraud customer credit card and simply charged customer card as they like. I signed up for installment plan package and TS charged me for the one time payment. Now the TS consultant (Mohan) and the operation manager (April) are avoiding my calls and pushing all the responsibility to myself and the bank side.

    I have lodge a fraud case to the citibank card center and in order for them to further investigate, we need teh EPP form and the agreement which I have signed. But TS is not helpful at all, I called TS form mronign till 10pm, all the receptionist told me that Mohan and April are engaged on the other line whole day long. What kind of service is this? I lfet thousand of message but no one ever return my call.

    I suggest you to change ur company TrueSpa to TrueCheat. This is your main business anyway! I am very disappointing with all the treatment that I got from TS.

    Can someone pls look into this seriously?

  • Jessie // Aug 21, 2008 at 9:55 AM

    Can I have any top management contact or email? As I find it useless to talk to all the staff in TS PJ branch, they are just not professional at all. I am wasting my time talking to them.

  • Victim // Aug 21, 2008 at 10:10 AM

    I have a serious issue to address here…

    I visited TrueSpa in PJ with 2 friends last month, coz we have the free vouchers to try out their services. tried the back massage and wasn’t bad at tall. after the massage session, as expected, the sales people will come over to promote their packages and ask us to join member.

    after detailed discussion, 3 of us agreed to join member of TrueSpa using 1 single member account. We will share the membership fees and share the payment equally. I am the one who swiped my credit card using the 12 months free interest payment. my other 2 friends can’t make the payment on the spot due to credit card reached their limit. so my two friends filled in the monthly payment form for offline processing on later days.

    after a few days, when 1 of my friend gave TrueSpa the credit card details for monthly payment, TrueSpa charged my friend’s credit card for a 1 time payment! we intend to use monthly payment scheme but TrueSpa charged my friend 1 time payment. not a small amount though. so my friend doesn’t want it and asked TrueSpa to change to monthly payment. according to the bank, it can be done, just need approval from the TrueSpa. but when my friend called TrueSpa to ask them to approve, TrueSpa said the issue is between the bank and the owner of the credit card. what the heck??? then TrueSpa said if want to convert, my friend need to go TrueSpa and swipe the credit card AGAIN and they will convert to monthly payment. what’s the deal with this?

    who’s correct and who’s telling lie here? another of my friend not yet made the payment coz we want to settle this convert credit card payment first. i lost trust on TrueSpa already…


  • Victim // Aug 21, 2008 at 10:38 AM

    We need to alert the public about all the tactic that TrueSpa use to cheat their customer. Dun ever give them your credit card, once you give them your credit card info, means you are putting urself into a deep s***.

    Come on….read this. Think twice before you step into this gym center :

  • YPei // Sep 17, 2008 at 5:18 PM

    Thanks Victim for sharing your views… I was being offered a FREE spa at the this TSpa so guess nothing comes in FREE…better luck next time

  • yeeping // Sep 30, 2008 at 9:47 AM

    TRUESPA & TRUEFITNESS are bigtime CHEATS…. service sucks badly, plus they fraud Credit cards…. please be carefull, dont listen to those sales ppls sweet talking…. its ALL empty promises

  • pl // Oct 6, 2008 at 4:58 PM

    i join the gym on August 2008…they charge me RM215 per month and RM50 processing fee…and i come from johor…they promise that if i no longer stay in kl…i can terminate my membership…and now…i’m leaving kl to johor…but they say if i want to terminate my membership…i do need some official letter to prove…

  • nothing in name // Oct 13, 2008 at 4:56 AM

    the operation manager, APRIL is a BLOODY BITCH! she does not fit to be the operation manager of true spa.. instead, she could have been a waste cooper or garbage collector! she is a good pretender towards her boss, but towards her sales staffs and clients, she gives her SHITTY FACE, and HER BITCHY and WITHCY behaviour. true spa is going down to the drain with this bitch around there with you guyz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    get rid of her 100%!
    what is ganesan doing??? sleeping?
    what’s the purpose of him coming down every week to check on true spa?
    ganesan! a message to you too! please wake up! get rid of that bitch!

  • True Fitness Hater // Oct 15, 2008 at 1:52 AM

    True fitness, as I personally believed, was always a bullshit gym. Their staff… just 3 words. Entirely Fucked Up.

  • Hate TF // Oct 28, 2008 at 2:50 PM

    Thanks for sharing all the info with us. My friend has faced the same problem as well. She got cheated by all the bloody sucking sales rep from True Fitness. I am now awaiting them to close down!

    MY friend already lodge this case to consumer tribunal.

    Pls bear in mind, nothing comes in free. Dun let TrueFitness/Spa cheat you.

  • Foxielady // Nov 6, 2008 at 12:37 AM

    Dear All True Fitness member,

    There are theft in the shower room!! Someone took my toiletries bag when I am showering. Soo cheapskate!! I hang it outside my shower cubicle and when i finish my shower it is gone!!

    TRUE FITNESS not safe!!!

    Please take note. Luckily my valueables is not inside. Just a few empty shampoo bottles and a watch.

    Guess this won’t happen in other fitness centre.

  • lim // Nov 9, 2008 at 6:59 AM

    true fitness is so terrible!
    from the payment to the services.
    ESPECIALLY the service and the way the run the place.
    weeks back i needed to freeze my account to go abroad ,
    and they did not!
    i did everything they wanted or needed which was phtostating passports,airline tickets,writing letter to them .
    actually i don’t see why i have to go thru all this extra trouble just to freeze a damn account for two months,
    i mean ,afterall, it is MY ACCOUNT and MY MONEY.
    so if its procedure that they REALLY have to abide to(which i really don’t see why they need to take a look at my passport) then alright.

    BUT EVEN ALL THE TROUBLE AND WAITING, their manager and workers put my papers aside and LEAVE MY ACCOUNT RUNNING .What are they doing????? eating doughnuts and not doing their job????????
    i only found out that when i called the gym to confirm my freezing of account when i was at the airport.
    and now it is STILL RUNNING,so I scolded them and they give me lousy reasons that i did not send an email.and i’ll have to scan and photostat my passport for them to see to prove i did went overseas.
    REMIND YOU TRUE FITNESS ,it is MY ACCOUNT even if i did lie,or even if it’s not overseas,it could be death or sickness or just a time out.I the OWNER OF MY OWN ACCOUNT WHICH I PAID EVERY PENNY FOR is entitled to freeze my own account for any reason or NO REASON at all.TRUE FITNESS is really ushering customers out their door.
    IT IS THE MOST TERRIBLE GYM I’VE BEEN TO. comapred to gym’s like celebrity is small but IS FRIENDLY,CONVENIENT,and priority is given to CUSTOMER CARE ,NOT JUST THE DAMN SALES!by which if course happens in true fitness because they just want you to signup and after that it’s SOLO for you. workers there are terrible they act like they’re working in LV boutique.
    they act bossier than the customers,they should know their position there,for my watch could buy two years of their work there.This is because of their lousy training.
    I have adviced all my friends ,workers,family never to join .Do pass this to ppl that are ever going to join to reconsider.
    IF possible i would like an answer from them to tell me why are they doing a lousy lousy job!

  • lim // Nov 9, 2008 at 7:02 AM

    AND TRUE FITNESS NEEDS TO BE READING THIS ALONG WITH ALL THE COMMENTS ABOVE.just one more negligence and people are already gladly waiting to SUE YOU!

  • wong // Nov 12, 2008 at 1:13 PM

    why all the negative things about TF, are all of you from FF wanted to destroy TF?

    Come on! let’s be fair. Nothing is perfect.

    I joined TF Taipan since Sep 08, has been using Gym & 200 hours of Yoga, i am so happy that i joined and i should have joined much earlier. The staff there are friendly, the Yogi are friendly and professional, what else can i expect more ?

    i converted to life member last month, if i am not satisfied, do you thing i will pay extra few thousands to convert to Life member ??

    Think again.

  • S // Nov 12, 2008 at 1:44 PM

    Well I agree with Wong, nothing is perfect but at the moment TF in Taipan is quite alrite, not that crowded and machine still well maintain…
    The owner of TF is a Singaporean so he/she should be quite kiasu to want to maintain the quality of the machines not like CF …the machine all berkarat :P

  • sux // Nov 14, 2008 at 8:56 PM

    i wonder are one of the staff in TF? I am suprised that got ppl thinking this way. What i know is, TF is worse than a blood sucker. They are famous of bad management, lousy service and cheating customer.

    but TF is good bcos they have u to support them…lol

  • TRUE spa's angry customer // Apr 12, 2009 at 3:10 PM

    I have joined True Spa since last year May. I have been paying RM300 per month and I am supposed to be entitled to services such as massage, facial etc in my package. However I ended up having to pay other massage centres or visit other places for my massage, facial, manicure to be done, and the IRONY is NOT in True Spa! Does that make sense? I pay this spa RM300 per month but ended up paying extra and forced to go to other places to get my services. Why? Because it is IMPOSSIBLE to get an appointment !!!! I questioned their customer service department as to why all their slots are always full, leaving only those odd honours free, which, a normal working client like me is not able to attend. Their answer (about 1 year ago ) is that they just started their business and thus most of the slots are reserved for “free trial” session to attract potential customer. We as PAYING CUSTOMER cannot help feeling that we are being CHEATED and NEGLECTED. However… 1 year later.. the same thing is still going on .. TRUE Spa is just interested to do sales but not providing services to paying customer who is ENTITLED to good services from them. Once you become a member, you will never get your appointment unless you can plan your appointment 2 months ahead, which is RIDICULOUS and UNACEPPTABLE.

    I feel that I’m a stupid consumer and ended up becoming an angry consumer.

    True Spa is not interested to solve our problems or attends to our complaints and neither do we get any feedbacks from their management nor from the front desk staff. They will just ignore you. I am left with no other option but to “speak up” ! I am resolved to approach their “potential customer” and start sharing my personal shocking and horrifying experiences with them and directing them to browse through reviews posted by other angry and unsatisfied customers in internet before they make the same mistake in signing up the membership program. Of course, the decision ultimately is in their hands, but I cannot stand idly and do NOTHING while others are being duped.

    If you are an angry or an unsatisfied customer like me, please join me. Let our voices make a change, it is our DUTY and our RIGHTS as customers to send our message across to this SINGAPORE-based company make them aware that Malaysian customers deserved equally the same respect and treatment …

  • su3nn // Apr 21, 2009 at 11:30 AM

    i have TrueFitness Gym membership to sell/transfer, due to i have to move. I will offer good price at 110 pm.. for 3 yrs. free joining/processing fees.. Its platinum membership.. u can go to any branch and use all the facilities inc. swimming pool (jaya33) Its a bargain! Free bag, towel and water bottle. Do contact me if u r interested at Thanks!

  • ann // May 19, 2009 at 11:38 AM

    I’ve visited TF at Hartamas early of May 2009. I wonder how the mgt came up with the pricing of products. The 1st time I went, the sales ppl Vijay had offered me the price of RM155/month, plus 3 types of one time fees. This for one year contract. If 2 years, price RM125. (All the prices will be added with 5% tax). After negotiation, the most that he could do was to reduce half of the 3 fees and said the monthly fee is fixed at RM155. He said, even that price was given after considering for 2 ppl. (I came with my friend). Infact, when I asked about any other things that he could inform us, he said all info had been delivered although he only explained on the single pricing. He didn’t even mention other packages, services, payment like, contract. The fact was he would only get idea to say when we raised the matters up. He said payment is only thru credit card accepted.

    A week after I (with friend) went to the TF (Hartamas) again and this time meet with another senior sales ppl, Ikbal. We told him that we’d been there last week and have asked him the best package for 1 year contract. This boy is quite honest and genuine. He explained in detail covers on the packages, pricing, services, contracts. He even explained the terms in the contract and remind us with many things. He said actually when clients understands well on the contract, the company will not face a lot of trouble dealing with many basic and common questions in the future. I love to share with you that for 2 yrs membership, the price was 99.00 (RM103.95 after tax). infact, there’s a package of price RM86.90 (if not mistaken). For package 1 year is RM125/month (RM131.25 after tax) plus only pay 1 type of fee RM50. See, there’s so much difference with the same package that Vijay had offered me. i think the afore sales ppl really sucked up client, he goes for higher margin. Friends out there, pls share with us if you get a better price. Even he said cash payment is accepted (monthly, pay at counter).

  • skinny // Nov 16, 2009 at 2:37 PM

    Hi Ann,

    I just received the same package as yours, i.e. RM88.16 per month for a 3-yr contract, or RM102 per month for a 2-yr contract. I don’t really like the mega-size concept (prefer smaller gyms) but the price is good. I’m tempted to take it up but I’m afraid that I will regret especially based on all the reviews.

    Did you take up the offer? How is your experience like? Please let me know!


  • su3nn // Nov 16, 2009 at 6:15 PM

    Hi! I love it. I love the facilities. The classes. The pool. Everything. But, i would like to offer it for transfer to others, bcos im getting married & think i cant commit wit gym. So would like to find person to replace me.

  • cris // May 30, 2010 at 10:56 PM

    I just want to warn everone that the other ‘famous gym’ is just as good at cheating and lying when you want to cancel your membership. After trying True Fitness J33 for 2 weeks and finding the facilities, bathroom experience, staff snob attitude & pushy sales people all very distasteful … I checked out Fitness First and was convinced to join (anything else seemed better than TF at the time). WHAT A MISTAKE! Not long after joining, I found out that I was pregnant and the first tri was tough to get through work, let alone go to the gym. I went in and asked them nicely to cancel the one year contract. Was told the best thing to do is freeze the account and pay $30 monthly for the ‘privilege’ … to cut a long story short, now that baby has arrived and I still have no time or need for gym (am slimmer & fitter than pre baby days from all the extra work!), Fitness First refuse to let me out of the membership ordeal. They say that I have to pay full membership for ONE year, freezing the account doesn’t count towards that one year period. After much discussion and on the 3rd fruitless face to face session with them, the so-called Manager (yes, apparently the only person you can deal with to cancel membership) even sarcastically suggested that I instruct my bank to cancel the direct debit. What a fraud, knowing full well that can’t be done as the bank is liable to keep paying a direct debit instruction unless the cancellation comes through the merchant (yes, same way that we all signed up was by a direct debit instruction that went to the bank through the merchant, FF). I haven’t resolved my sad saga … but with much more financial obligations, it really pains me to part with $185 monthly by direct debit and I can’t even use the facility nor cancel the payment. That’s good money that I can use to pay for my kid’s medical insurance every month. These sick bastards at Fitness First are making money by cheating, not by providing an honest service that customers are happy to pay for. Please, wherever you are in the world, never sign up with Fitness First.

  • Pete // Apr 6, 2012 at 4:45 PM

    Dear all,

    True Fitness staff Jaya 33 are really rude.The supervisor can scold you “F***” when you don’t join the membership.

    My friend was given a one month free trial,during which the sales people always got pushy.One day, like 2 weeks, they just snatched the pass away and said “time is up-doyou want to join or not?”

    My friend argued that the one month trial is not even up and how could they do that? An argument (imagine-customer service ppl and the sales can argue with the potential customer) and then the Ajit guy said “F*** off lar”

    The operations manager Kathy Tan promised to look at the case. This incident happened in September 2011. Now is already April 2012.

    The reason I am writing this now is because I just discovered your blog.I want towarn ppl to be very careful with Jaya 33 TF.

  • feelgood // Apr 15, 2021 at 5:39 AM

    I miss my gym day in this fitness centre, when I joined, its only their first years in business, everything were great. luckily I didnt sign up new membership after 2 years membership expired. or else I’ll be damn when they shut down later on.

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