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Review of True Fitness at Taipan (2)

October 15th, 2007 · 3 Comments ·


Continued from Review of True Fitness at Taipan (1)

Went to True Yoga next door. Because the company has creatively come out with different packages, not every member can enter True Yoga. Depending on the package, some can only go True Fitness whereas others can enter both True Yoga and True Fitness.


Waiting area for members to hang out. Was told the design similar with True Yoga in Singapore.

At Sri Hartamas branch, because that is only one security check point, non True Yoga member can always sneak into the classes. Therefore, the company is smarter this time. It created another check point at Taipan branch.

Hot Yoga is at the first floor. It was very humid when I walked close to the entrance. Sweat instantly.

The common Yoga studio is at the second floor. The shoe racks are damn huge. Can take at least one hundred pair of shoes.


This is only one of the shoe racks.


At the second floor, you will see two private Yoga studio. I guess the company is trying to sell private classes. My friend kept on talking cock, “Wow, play Yoga until play in private room, like Kamasutra“.

If you wonder where True Spa is, was told it would be at the same block but it would be ready at the end of the year 2006. However, it is already October 2007 and the spa is no where to be seen. Another false promise made by the gym. Anyway, members have to pay for the massage. So, whether it is there or not, not really a big deal for me.

The Fiasco of Not Providing Towel Service at True Fitness Taipan

Last year, before I even went to this new branch, I have already received two e-mails from blog readers as well as one short message from close friend regarding new branch.


(Picture sent by blog reader)

What were interesting was that – all three complained about towel service. True Fitness decided not to offer free towel service at Taipan branch. So, as I was already aware of this policy, it was not really a surprise for me, but for others, this is something unexpected. Currently, towels are provided at Sri Hartamas branch. The issue now is about expectation – were these members being misled when they signed up?

Yes, without towel service, it is a big letdown. As mentioned by one of the e-mails, True Fitness can claim itself to have the largest gym in town, it could have Elaine Daly as spokeperson, but without towel service, it can no longer be the first choice for those who are thinking of getting a new gym membership.

I understand the frustration and disappointment faced by these members. In fact, I agree with what they mentioned – largest gym and Elaine Daly as spoke person, who cares? Without a basic service like towel, True Fitness is making itself inferior to other gyms. Members do care about convenience and towel service is no longer a nice to have item.


After few e-mails exchange, I advised these members to write formally to True Fitness management to voice their frustration. Management has defended its move with the lame excuse of personal hygiene. Based on few insiders’ information, the center is trying to cut down on the cost. However, the towel service does not cost more than five figures monthly. For me, to take away a basic service for that amount is not a smart move.

Whatever you see in True Fitness Sri Hartamas may not be what you get in True Fitness Taipan.


I wish I could publish those e-mails, but because of too many F words and without the senders’ permission, I have to keep the mails from the public. Trust me, they all are very disappointed.


What I like about True Fitness at Taipan

  • If you like working out with different machines and equipments in comfort space, you will like this new gym.
  • The studios are nice with huge space and less pillars.
  • It has dedicated staff lockers. Yeah, the staffs will no longer hog members’ lockers. (Those who hog the lockers at Sri Hartamas are actually the staff?)
  • Hot Yoga is available.
  • It also has dedicated workout area for women. Not that I like it, but I understand some female members prefer to work out without male members’ presence.



Areas of Improvement For True Fitness Taipan

  • No towel service.
  • No more free shoe locker facility. The club is renting it with RM35 per month. All shoe lockers are locked with cable ties now by the club.


  • Not enough flat benches in free weight area.
  • No more free coffee and tea. Sri Hartamas branch provides these drinks free of charge. Instead, you will find vending machines which you need to pay.


  • Narrow stair ways.

What I Wish

  • Free towel service.
  • Should still provide EZ curl bars with adjustable weight, like those in Sri Hartamas.
  • Enough car park space which I doubt we will have. It plans to have 10,000 members for Taipan branch. Come on, get the infrastructure ready before being so ambitious.

True Fitness is in the mid of updating the cards issued. All the new cards will state the branch the home-based member is allowed to go.The fees are changed pretty frequent. Depending on the promotion, the fees vary, between RM100 and RM150, depending on the package you choose.


In conclusion, True Fitness Taipan is indeed a good place to work out. Its strategic location in USJ where I stay and its affordable monthly fee are the main reasons I chose it.



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  • simon ng // Dec 9, 2007 at 5:46 PM

    Dear Mun

    I agreed with most of the points you raised. I have comments, complaints and suggestions to make but apparently TrueFitness does not bother with such trivial things. There is no forum in their wedbsite. It seems members frustration or feedback is unimportant to them. What really ticks me off is the recent change in the hot yoga timetable. The classes have been reduced drastically and the first class, formerly at 8:15AM , is now at 9:30AM. This rules out all working members. Only retirees and home makers can attend classes at these hours. This yet another marketing ploy to promote their new Bikram hot yoga which starts at 7:30AM which members have to pay to attend!

  • YPei // Sep 17, 2008 at 3:23 PM

    Well i did went for a free trial, it was quite comrtable as I only go like quite late around 10pm where there isnt many ppl ard.
    However, like everyone I share the same frustration – no towel service and the cleaning lady always switched off at 11.15pm and gave the excuse that cannot switch it on
    So what kind of facilities is this? But, the machine is alright for now….

  • YPei // Sep 17, 2008 at 5:07 PM

    Sorry what i meant was – cleaning lady always switched off the “steam bath” at 11.15pm

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