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Roman Chair – The Hypertension Machine

September 28th, 2013 · No Comments ·


Have you ever seen the above fitness equipment in the gym? No, it is not a torture device, it is Roman Chair.

Roman Chair is a stationary workout equipment used mainly for strengthening lower back, core muscles, abdominals and glutes. Because of the movements, it is also known as Hypertension Machine.

I use Roman Chair mainly for my lower back workout. Therefore, it is important to adjust the height to avoid the padding pressing my “balls” directly. So, comfortability is a must.


Normally, Roman Chair has a padded bench and a pair of pads. You can adjust the height and the distance between the bench and pads. In fact, some even allow you to adjust the angle to increase the difficulty level of the workout. As for the foot plate, most are built with non-slip material.



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