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Say No To Lunch Thief with Anti-Theft Sandwich Bag

April 26th, 2012 · 2 Comments ·


When I was staying in hostel during university days, I was very upset every time I found my prepacked breakfast or lunch missing from the fridge. Initially, I thought people probably have token it mistakenly. So, I wrote my name on it and tried hiding them at the far end of the refrigerator. Still, my food got missing and I was sure it was intended. It did not happen once, but pretty often till I gave up in storing them in the fridge.

When I was browsing the net just now, I found out this special made sandwich bag. It has green splotches printed on both sides. They look like mold grown on the expired bread. No worry, they are not the real mold. They look pretty gross but they may be the answer to the stolen lunch problem.




So, if you want to be assured that no one will ever steal your lunch, use this special anti-theft lunch bag. Even the hungriest thief will think that your sandwich has flora. Just make sure you write your name there so that others will not throw away from the hostel or staffroom refrigerator.




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  • John P // Apr 26, 2012 at 10:20 PM

    This is a fantastic idea. I only see one problem. The do-gooders who WILL throw your lunch away if they see the green stuff on the bag. So to prevent someone tossing away your perfectly good lunch, pack it inside a lunch box/bag, etc., because a do-gooder will not open someone else’s lunch box.

    Now a “lunch thief” will open your lunch box, but unlike a do-gooder they’ll think it’s funny to put your “moldy” lunch back in the fridge for you to find.

    Finally, you can NEVER reveal your secret to anyone, not even to a friend, not even if the lunch thief is now stealing their lunch. If even one other person knows your lunch is not really moldy then it won’t be long before EVERYONE knows, and that includes the “lunch thief”.

  • Tom Parker // May 1, 2012 at 12:09 PM

    Haha. Love this lunch bag. Now if only they come up with a solution for frozen food thieves. I used to buy my meat in bulk at University, chop it up and freeze it. When I came to defrost and eat it a few days later it had disappeared.

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