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Should You Train When Your Muscles Are Sore?

November 2nd, 2013 · No Comments ·


After training hard, your muscle is sore. I actually like the feeling of sore muscles because it indicates my workout is actually working – a sense of accomplishment. The training has actually “broken” the muscle fibers so that they can grow. However, on those days, I often feel like skipping gym session until the soreness has totally gone away. While days of rest is definitely required, a little soreness should not be the excuse to ditch the workout totally.

What you can do is to train other muscle groups. If your chest muscles are sore, you still can do lower body exercise such as squatting, deadlift, lunge or calf raise. Alternatively, do light workout. You can go for short jog or cycling. Yoga or Pilates is not bad either. Light exercise get blood pumping to your muscles. After the shower, I am sure your soreness will be reduced.


In fact, another school of thought believe that training with the same sore muscles will push the muscle growth to the max. Rather than resting the muscle and missing out on the hunger to grow, this group of bodybuilder actually work the muscle. They believe that body will send more blood to that area and make it almost explode for higher growth. To be honest, I have tried this method of training and the result is actually not promising.

In fact, if you are extremely sore to the state of being downright excruciating and almost crippling, them, please do not train on that day. Working out with poor form is actually dangerous. I never encourage my readers to train with bad form which may lead to injury.

Listen to your body.

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