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The Truth About Toilet Seat Cover in Public Toilet

April 27th, 2010 · 2 Comments ·



Talking about public toilet, either in office building, park or restaurants, most want to spend as little time as possible. I have seen many pushing door with elbow and flushing with shoes. So, I am wondering how many of you are covering toilet seat with toilet paper or using disposable toilet seat cover (if it is provided).

The Truth About Toilet Seat Cover and Beyond That…

  1. Contrary to belief, toilet is not a common place to transmit infections to human. Most germs do not survive long on the surface of the seat. In fact, in order to get the germs to go into your body, it has to go through either from cut or sore on the buttocks or thighs or genital tract, which is possible but very unlikely.
  2. Apart from that, do not believe if one tell you that you can get sexual transmitted disease (STD) from toilet seat (unless people are having sex on the toilet seat).
  3. Also, your own immune system is your first line of defense against contracting disease. Germs are everywhere and not only found in public toilets.
  4. When you flush, make sure you close the lid. Because if you do not do that, bacteria can actually erupts out with the water vapour from the flushing of toilet bowl. These water particles float around in the toilet. Even if you are at home, put the lid down too when you flush. Otherwise, those bacteria may land on your tooth brush, comb and towel too.
  5. The hot zones, which have most germs, are actually not on the toilet seat, but they are found at tap, sinks and towel dispensers. Tap and towel dispenser are the two items most people will touch on after coming out from bathroom stall. As for sink, because of the retention of water, it becomes breeding ground for micro organisms.
  6. Since we are on the topic, University of Arizona microbiology team tested a dozen office surfaces including the bathroom. The research team found that phone receivers had 25,000 bacteria per square inch whereas toilet seats had only 49 bacteria per square inch. So, you should worry about phone receiver instead of the toilet seat.
  7. I know some people with strong thigh are actually squatting when they are doing their “business”. Worse, some actually squat with the feet on the toilet seat. I guess that is the reason some Asians still prefer to use the traditional squat toilets.




Squat Toilet in Asia

In short, paper or plastic toilet seat cover will just make you feel that you have “separated” your backside from countless buttocks which have sit on the same place. It offers peace of mind, but not much real benefits.



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  • ikigai108 // Apr 27, 2010 at 2:00 PM

    The closing of the toilet lid is a very good tip. I hadn’t considered that. Overall I try to use the paper protectors when available, and try to avoid touching the towel dispensers with my hands, knowing that it is a hot spot.

    door handles are another area to be cautious of!

  • foongpc // Apr 28, 2010 at 11:40 PM

    I still put tissue papers on toilet seat not because I am afraid of catching germs but because people stand or squat on the toilet seats making it dirty!

    And closing the lid when flushing is a good advice indeed! : )

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