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Top 10 Tips For Urban Runners

July 15th, 2012 · 1 Comment ·


If you enjoy outdoor running and yet you stay in a busy city, you may find it challenging to do running.  Yes, running in the city requires more planning and attention.  If you are new to urban running, here are the tips.

    1. Plan your path. Avoid route with heavy traffic.  Too much car exhaust will hurt your lungs.  No point you run for fitness then.  Running in with polluted air do more harm than good.  So, drive around the neighborhood and makes notes about where the flat stretches are, the parks and other unique terrains.  Estimate how long you take to cover the distance.
    2. If your trail has many traffic lights with much stops, instead of pausing not doing anything, do workouts such as squats or lunges at red lights.  I personally try to avoid trail with traffic lights because I tend to stop there and wait.  When I stop, the elevated heart rate will not be sustained.  It just spoil the flow of the workout.City-running-with-too-many-stops.JPG
    3. If you find a less crowded street, make sure it is still safe to run.
    4. Do not run on concrete. It is bad for your joints and knees.  The repetitive pounding on concreate is extremely damaging.  Try to run on grass or dirt trail.  Worse, run on asphalt but never on concrete.  Watch out for uneven surface and other hazards.
    5. Do not run during peak hours.  More cars not only mean more dangerous, but also more pollution.  So, run very early morning or late evening.
    6. Run on oncoming traffic so that you can see what is coming at you.  Be careful when you cross streets.
    7. Wear bright clothing during the day so that you are visible.  Wear reflective clothing after dusk so that others can see you.
    8. Do not blast your earphone with loud music.You still need to be aware of things happening around you for safety purpose.  You do not have to give up your motivational songs, just that lower down the volume or use speaker mode without headphones.Back-view-of-urban-runner.jpg
    9. Run in pack then running alone. Drivers tend to see a group of people than one person.  It is also safer to run with others if you are not familiar with the area.
    10. Bring a light pack with cell phone, ID card, medical insurance card, number of emergency contact and some money.  You never know when you need them.

If I miss out any other important tips, for those experienced urban runner, please leave yours in the comment box below.



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