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Top 5 Bike Riding Tips To Reduce Injuries Due To Bad Posture

July 3rd, 2009 · 1 Comment ·


Learning to ride a bicycle is fun. Once you learned it, you will never forget how to do it. However, not everyone knows how to ride a bike correctly. I am referring riding a normal bike, not the sports bike. The following tips are applicable to riding outdoor or those stationary bikes.

  1. The saddle height should be adjusted to the position that your knees are straight without much moment.
  2. Imagine your legs are pistons. The leg movements should be up-down in north-south direction. Some cyclists tend to go east-west. Do not let your knees go out to the sides. Keep them point straight. Just look down occasionally when you ride and you should be able to correct any erratic leg movement. Once you have the right leg movement, you should be able to see the result.
  3. Some cyclists modify their bicycles with high handlebars so that they can sit upright. Upright posture is comfortable if you are sitting stationary, but it is not advisable if you are riding outdoor. When hitting a bump on the road, straight spine has almost no way to “give”or to flex and therefore may cause back pain.
  4. correct-riding-bike-posture.jpg

  5. You should bend elbows slightly. By doing this, you allow your arm muscles to act as shock absorbers.
  6. The other common problem is neck pain. Poor adjustment of helmet may cause this problem. If the helmet is too low in front, the rider has to tilt the head upward so that the helmet will not block his view forward. This unnatural backward bend in the neck will cause pain later.

Bicycling is a good exercise to strengthen lower body and lose weight. With the correct way to ride a bike, not only you can make it a fun activity, you can minimize the chance of getting injured.




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  • stupe // Jul 14, 2009 at 8:03 PM

    Bro, the posture is irrelevant in the sports i do. With road bike or with time trial (TT) bike, it is almost useless to be riding upright.

    One thing one must do is to strengten the core muscle for the demanding posture.

    For any of you wanting to start out biking, it is more important to get a bike that suit your height and reach! I’ve seen many riding bike too small for them or too big for them!

    THanks Mun for bringing up this cycling topic!

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