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Top 5 Foods That Drain Your Energy

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Sometime in a day, you suddenly feel slow and sluggish.  You slept enough, but you just feel different for no apparent reason.  If you wonder why, the answer may lie in what you just ate.  In this article, I will share with you what types of food you should avoid as they will zap your energy.

1) Avoid Breakfast with Sugary Food
While it is important to eat breakfast everyday, you should avoid refined carbohydrates, be it sugar or white flour.  I mean, sweet doughnuts and smoothies.  No doubt, they will give you an energy spike, but that boost is short term and you will be in doze mode quickly.  Opt for a protein rich protein.

2) Cut Down Caffeine, Unnecessary Energy Drink or Other Energy Boosting Supplements
Energy drinks also give you short term of boost with sugar and caffeine.  However, once the effect fades away, your blood sugar level will drop lower than before.  Instead of having energy drink, drink water to keep yourself hydrated.  Check out this article to find out more – Is It Safe to Drink Sports Drink On Regular Basis?

You may have seen many advertisements introducing energy bars or other supplements which promise more energy if you take them.  Remember that your body can only produce energy from carbohydrates, proteins and fats.  Supplements help your body to use energy, but not giving you the energy.  What can you expect from a scoop of powder or a pill?  You still need actual food.


Coffee, tea or Coke will not give you sustained energy. It gives a you brief boost.  Caffeine stimulates your nervous system, but it does not contain calories, which are the fuel for your body.  Even ginseng is just stimulants to make your heart beat faster, make your brain to get more oxygen so that you feel that you have more energy.  When the effect goes away, you will be more tired than before.

3) Say No To Fatty Foods

Your body takes about 6 to 8 hours to fully digest fatty foods.  Fat is notorious for taking longer time to be digested.  Some blood from arms and legs will be used to help in the digestion.  The lessening in blood volume may make you feel slow.  On the other hand, carbohydrates and proteins digest relatively fast compared with fatty food.


4) Eat Too Much Low Iron Foods
You need iron as the “middleman” to help you utilize the calories which you have consumed.  If you are running low on iron, you are more likely to feel tired.  So, munching on iron rich pumpkin seeds for afternoon snack can help to stop the energy drain.

5) Cut Down Red Wine
Alcohol is a depressant.  It is sedative, meaning it gives you the euphoric sleepiness after few glasses.  Wine actually has high level of sleep hormone melatonin which contributes to sluggish effect.  So, unless you want to drain your energy away, think twice before reaching for Merlot.

Hopefully, you will have a better understanding on what food will drain your energy.  Avoid them for you lunch as you do not want to feel sleepy when you have another half of the day to go.



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