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Top 5 Nutrition Mistakes

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Mun’s Note: This is a second guest post by Wee Kiat.  He has contributed a great post before – How To Make Tuna Salad – Step By Step


Many of us have our respective physique and fitness goals. However, we tend to forget the importance of nutrition when it comes to achieving these goals. The reason for this is obvious. Most of us just want to put our effort in that one or two hours in the gym, then go on with our daily routine not having to bother about our health. Still, the fact remains that whatever you put into your body is as important as how you train it. Thus, here is a list of the 5 most common nutrition mistakes. Avoid them and reap the benefits of better health and progress towards your fitness goals.

Mistake #1: You are Focusing Only On Quantity, Not On Quality

I have a couple of friends who said to me something like this, “Why am I not losing weight? I’m already eating so little! All I had was a doughnut in the morning, an ice cream for lunch and a piece of bread for dinner.” If your case sounds something like that, it is time you focus on WHAT you eat, not HOW MUCH you eat. Try to eat foods which are unprocessed, low in (or without) refined sugar and if possible, organic. For example, vegetables, lean meat (processed meat like fishballs and sausages do not count), eggs, fruits, whole grains and nuts. If you feed your body nutritious food, you gain health. If you give it crap, your body gives you crap in return.


Mistake #2: You’re Not Minding Your Fridge


One day, you are home alone in your pyjamas, you are feeling hungry but you are too lazy to put on your proper clothes to go out and eat. What do you do? You open your fridge. Now, what do you see? Is it quality, nutritious foods listed in the previous tip? My point is, whatever you have in your fridge, you will consume. So if you want to get into the habit of eating right, you need to stock up your fridge right. Get rid of the sodas, ice cream and candy and fill up that fridge with veggies, lean meat and fruits.

Mistake #3: You are Feeling Guilty For Eating What You Want

GUILT is the number one killer to anyone’s progress and is the reason many give up on their diets. However, sometimes when you are on the strict diet and when the cravings kick in, you will find yourself in a dilemma. Should you cheat on your diet and live with the guilt? Or would you rather not cheat but feel really deprived? The solution is to schedule a cheat meal per week. Just as one good meal won’t make you fit, one bad meal won’t make you fat. Choose a meal on a certain day and when that day comes, have whatever you want (in moderate portions) and ENJOY it! Don’t feel guilty at all because you deserve it.


Mistake #4 You’re Not Making Use of Your “Window of Opportunity”


Within 20 minutes after your high intensity workout, your body will be exhausted and begging for nutrients. During this time, failure to replenish your muscle’s glycogen storage will result in muscle loss. Thus, take in fast-absorbing carbs and protein such as a glucose and protein shake as soon as possible after your workout. If you fancy, you could also add muscle builders such as creatine, amino acids and glutamine into your shake. A supplement like Maximuscle Cyclone has glucose, protein and plenty of muscle builders to ensure you make the most of your workouts.

Mistake #5 You’re Not Taking In Enough Fats

Our media and society has made “fats” an F word. The truth is dietary fats aren’t as bad as they seem and certain kinds of fats are actually essential for bodily functions. Monounsaturated fats help improve one’s cholesterol profile and Omega-3 fatty acids ease inflammation. Good sources of healthy fats include olive and canola oil, almonds, pistachios, salmon, sardines.

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