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Weight Loss Center Customer Got Refunds in Landmark Case

May 15th, 2010 · 1 Comment ·


Seldom had we heard about lawsuit against weight loss centers which have misled customers. Recently, I cam across a news which mentioned that in the U.S, LA Weight Loss Centers and NWM were instructed by the court to pay out each $50,000 in refunds to customers. Source

Based on consumers’ complaint, investigators decided to disguise as weight loss shoppers to get first hand information. They found that the sales persons have often over promised customers by misleading and hiding much information to get them signed up.

The first settlement came in year 2005, after employees in stores operated by LA Weight Loss Centers told customers they could get rebates on enrollment fees for reaching and maintaining weight-loss goals. However, customers were not told they had to purchase the protein bars and supplements from the company to qualify. Ironically, the cost of the bars exceeded the rebate.

Furthermore, the centers made claims that the bars would prevent customers from getting saggy, baggy skin when they lose weight which were not scientifically substantiated. Employees also continued to misrepresent the companies’ guarantees.

Kudos to Attorney General’s office in the U.S. It is time for the authorities to take stern actions on slimming centers which manipulate deceptive advertisements and false promise to get customers.



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