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What Gift To Buy For Man This Coming Christmas?

December 7th, 2007 · 1 Comment ·


Christmas is around the corner. It is time for many to share their love and blessings with the people they love. You have probably started to do Christmas shopping too. As I am a guy who enjoy exercising, I could write from a guy’s perspective on what I hope to get for my Christmas gift. So, if you are planning to buy something for your boyfriend, husband, brother or father who also enjoys sports activities, here are some ideas:

  1. If he is a sports enthusiast or like outdoor activities, consider gifts like jackets, T-shirts, sunglasses or sport watches.
  2. 7eye-Churada-Nxt-Resin-Sunglasses.jpg

  3. If he has a favorite sports team, get posters, calendar or other memorabilia that are related to the team.
  4. For metrosexual guy, spoil him with men’s skincare set and products. A new scent of cologne may do the trick too. If he likes massage, get a spa package then.
  5. If he likes watching games, surprise him with event tickets, be it football, tennis or soccer matches. Yes, you can put the tickets hidden in the stockings, just like what Santa Claus will do. Trust me, he will be happy to find it.
  6. If he is gadget person, here are some ideas:
    • If he is a “number person”, give him a pedometer to help track how many steps he has taken a day.  You will be amazed how this small tool can motivate him to walk and jog more.
    • wearing-pedometer-to-work.jpg

    • If your man is a runner, get him Garmin Forerunner which is a heart rate monitor.  However, it is not a typical heart rate monitor.  Garmin Forerunner has a highly sensitive GPS tracking to calculate speed, mileage, instantaneous readout of distance and more.  It is a great tool for analyzing running data and user can customize the display window.
    • Garmin-Forerunner.jpg

    • If you have more budget to spare, go for Body Bugg.  This gadget comes with advanced technology to keep track of his burnt calories throughout the day, whether he is working, walking, driving or even sleeping.
    • body-bugg-version-3.jpg

    • If your man likes rope jumping, he will probably be impressed with Jump Snap – which is a “ropeless” gadget for rope jumping.
    • jump-snap-01.jpg

    • Let him capture his action shots on the mountain or water with this waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof, crushproof and shakeproof Olympus Stylus Tough camera.
    • Olympus-Stylus-Tough-Camera.jpg



  8. If you do not know what he wants, get him some gift cards to get him buy something online.
  9. Amazon-Gift-Card.jpg

  10. So, what if he does not like exercising? Easy, get him a 1-week free trial at your gym and surprise him with a pre-paid 1-year membership.

So, it is really not that hard to impress him with Christmas gift because almost all men like sports, whether watching it from sideline or actively involved in.

For more ideas, go to Amazon to do online shopping.




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  • sylvesteR // Dec 9, 2007 at 12:42 AM

    Uhm, the items you listed are much too costly and could burn a hole in a person’s wallet. I thought guys would opt for gaming consoles like psp etc. As for the elders, I thought they will be happier if you get them a tie or a t-shirt, just like what you listed there. Well, of course everyone has different desires, but spa package and gym membership is way too expensive!

    Oh, those are the sports or workout related gift ideas. Yeap, sports t-shirt can be a good gift too.

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