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What is Weight-To-Hip ratio (WHR)?

July 29th, 2014 · 1 Comment ·


I have mentioned about Body Mass Index (BMI) and Body Fat figures.

That is another figure that you may be interested to find out. It is the Weight-To-Hip ratio (WHR). WHR is the ratio of the circumference of the waist to that of the hips. It measures the proportion by which fat is distributed around the torso.

Why bother to know this ratio? What is the big fuss about it?

According to many articles I read, waist to hip ratio is an important tool that helps you determine your overall health risk. People with more weight around their waist are at greater risk of lifestyle related diseases such as heart disease and diabetes than those with weight around their hips. So, a simple and useful measure of fat distribution may have significant meaning behind it.

How To Use WHR?
1) First, use a measuring tape to check the waist and hip measurements.
– While standing up with your stomach relaxed, measure your waist at its narrowest point (this is usually at your navel, or belly-button).
– Don’t sit down yet, while you are still standing, measure your hips at their widest point (this is usually around the bony prominences).

2) Divide your waist with your hip measurement.

3) Compare your WHR with this ratio
Women is: 0.8 or lower
Men is: 0.9 or lower


If you have bigger number than the above numbers, that means you have more weight around the waist, face more risks than those with pear-shaped bodies that carry more weight around the hips.If you look at the 0.7 ratio for ladies, you may realize that 0.7 indicates “pear-shaped”. So, one can look at WHR as another way in measuring a person’s attractiveness from the body shape perspective. So, I guess, number bigger than 1 means that person will have an “apple shape”?



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  • Nicholas // Mar 13, 2015 at 7:43 PM

    I guess I haven’t heard of that ratio before, but I think the BMI measurement is kind of worthless. It never takes into account athletic people, always telling me I am overweight. If I was at the weight it recommended for me, I’d look like how I did when I was a scrawny, awkward teenager.

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