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What You Need To Know About Abs

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You have heard people trains for their “abs”. Some refers abs as the front outer abs. Are they right in this case? We will find out now.

Abs is actually the short form of abdominal muscles which are few groups of muscle at the stomach area. They are three main groups of abdominal muscles:


1) Rectus Abdominis
The rectus abdominus is the row of washbord-like muscles in the center of your midsection. When people talk about a six-pack of abs, they are referring to well defined rectus abdominus muscles. Actually, in some well developed bodies with low body fat, it can be eight distinct segments. You use rectus abdominus when you are bending forward like movements you do in a sit-up or forward crunch.


2) Transversus Abdominis

It is a very deep muscle that acts like a weight belt or back brace to stabilize your back. It supports the internal structure and organs of the abdomen. It helps flatten the stomach and it is used in forced breathing out and in urination. It fills in the space between your lowest rib (the 12th) and your pelvis, connecting your pubic bone to your sixth rib. It has lateral fibers that wrap around your waist – hence the term transversus.




3) Obliques
Actually, obliques are a pair of muscles – consisting of internal and external obliques. These obliques are at the side of your abdomen. They run on an diagonal angle near the side of your midsection and hence the term “oblique” is used. They help you to bend or twist your torsos. Strong obliques support the lower back and ward off posture problem. When people talk about love handles, they are usually speaking about fat deposits in the oblique area.


I call obliques as “muscular love handles.” Some people do not want to train obliques because of the concern of having huge love handles. However, some sportsmen work out hard for obliques, especially contact sports such as soccer and football which require the ability to maintain balance while twisting.

Now, by knowing the terms, you will find it easier if I write about abs exercise.



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