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What You Should Know Before Joining Adventure Race (3) – Hydration and Food

December 29th, 2007 · 1 Comment ·

This is the third post of the What You Should Know Before Joining Adventure Race Series. In this post, the guest blogger, Ee-Van, shared with us on the tips on hydration and food.


Your choice of hydration and food is as important as your race equipments. Most decent adventure race will last at least 5 hours for the winning team and 8 hours for the weaker team (like mine). In those 8 hours, you stand to burn up to 6000 kcal, that is almost 20 Big Macs. But, you wouldn’t want to carry 20 Big Macs would you?Let’s start with hydration, I believe by now you would had gotten the hydration pack and bladder. Next, what to fill it up with?

I have seen some racers fill up the bladder with beer. But my choice of liquid is water. I have experimented by putting in isotonic drinks into the bladder, I find out that as with any flavored liquid, I tend to finish them pretty fast and before I know it, I am out of juice. Flavored liquid also is a bit of messy to deal with, especially if your bladder leaks and your gears in the bag gets all sticky and wet. So, what I do is to put water into the bladder and bring along a pack or two of Ribena Mobile or even a small 500 ml bottle of isotonic drinks. Organizers usually do have water stations on longer races, so, don’t worry if the 3 liters of water in the hydration pack is not sufficient half way through.


As for food, there is always food such as energy bars and gels available. Most of these does come with electrolytes to help replenish the salt lost during the race. But it is not fail proof if cramp is your issue here! Powerbar and Power Gel are usually sold at the race venue, some swore by it, some don’t. I’ve always been a “eat real food” kind of person when it comes to adventure races. So, I do carry with me apples and even chocolates such as Mars or Snickers. Trust me, those are nicer tasting than the Bars and Gels at a fraction of the price. But of course, once you get really good in this sports and sponsors comes pouring in and you started to talk about “lightening” your back pack, Bars and Gels will be the way to go because you are getting them free of charge.

I have friends which make their own muesli concoction. Raisins, peanuts, nuts, dried fruits all thrown into a zip lock bag and it makes great snack and healthy too.


I have always raced with only plain water and sports drink as the luxury item and ate apple and chocolate during the race. Whatever you choose to eat/drink, just make sure you pick up after yourself. Keep the wrappers and don’t just throw it everywhere in the jungle!

Just leave your Maggi Instant Noodle at home as you would not have the luxury of time to eat it. But if you do know the race venue pretty well, just bring along some loose change and stop at the roadside stall for some quick bite, that is, IF you know the race route well! But as usual, you won’t until the last briefing before the race starts! So, just bring something like RM10 for food, just in case!


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  • hydrateme // Dec 29, 2007 at 11:54 PM

    There is a new hydration tool on the market called AquaJoe. It replaces the need for gel packs and is reusable. Check it out.

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