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Which Cardio Machine Work Out Your Butt The Most?

August 3rd, 2010 · 2 Comments ·

Many are using cardiovascular exercise machines to burn calories, build stamina, reduce stress and other benefits including toning the butt. Yes, many girls and guys want to have nice bums. So, it will be good if we know which cardio machine offers great help in this aspect. Is treadmill, elliptical trainer, StairMaster, stationary bike or rowing machine?

According to a finding, here are the results showing how much glute muscles are activated with different cardio machines:

  1. Treadmill (jogging): 48.9% of Glutes activated.
  2. Elliptical: 32.6% of Glutes activated.
  3. Treadmill (walking): 24.3% of Glutes activated.
  4. StairMaster: 24.0% of Glutes activated.
  5. Recumbent Bike: 6.0%of Glutes activated.


Treadmill is the winner. However, even if you like using elliptical trainer or bike as your regular cardio exercise, rest assured, here are some tips in guiding you to work out more your butt:

  • Jogging: Hit the ground with your heels first, followed by the balls of your feet.
  • Walking: On a treadmill, increase the incline. If you walk outdoor, try walking sideways: This will work your butt from a different angle as you pull your leg away from your body.
  • Elliptical Trainer: Ease your hips back so your butt sticks out a bit, and push down with your heel as much as possible.
  • Cycling: Ditch the recumbent ride for an upright one. Then sit a little farther back on the seat and focus on pushing the pedals down forcefully. If you are spinning, stand up and stick your butt out while leaning forward.
  • Stair stepping: Lean forward slightly at the waist and take larger steps, as though you are climbing two at a time. Let go of the rails, forcing your glutes to take the brunt of the stabilization duties.


I thought StairMaster will be sitting at the top, but look as if treadmill is the winner. In fact, another machine called Cardio Wave (by Technogym) as shown picture above is another great machine for glutes workout. I hope more research will be done by including Cardio Wave. I shall write about Cardio Wave in near future. Stay tuned.
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  • Marc // Aug 3, 2010 at 2:15 PM

    Hitting the ground first with your heels when jogging is actually bad practice because you tend to overstrain your achilles tendon over a long period of time. Striking the ground mid sole first should be the correct technique to adopt.

  • hotsteam // Aug 4, 2010 at 4:06 PM

    the woman in the first picture has the best ass on earth…

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