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Who Else Want To Burn More Calories by Jogging with Power Diet Shoes?

June 5th, 2009 · 1 Comment ·


Months ago, I have published a post related to FitFlop, a fitness shoes, which was so popular in the UK. Now, here is another one – Power Diet Shoes by a Korean company. How nice it will be if you can lose more weight with a special shoes while you are exercising.

According to the Power Diet Shoes company:

  • The reason it came out with Power Diet Shoes because it mentioned that people were overfed in this industrialized society yet they walk less with transportation. In olden days, light shoes were preferred to conserve calories. But now with obesity a common problem in modern society, many need to reduce excess weight (with heavier shoes).
  • By wearing the 1.4 kilogram (about 3 pounds) of Power Diet shoes, the company said that 30 minutes of walking will burn about 300 calories compared to 45 minutes of soccer and 130 minutes of cycling.
  • Other benefits of Power Diet Shoes as claimed by the company:
    • Strengthen lower body muscles, especially those around the joints.
    • Tone and shape the legs and butts.
    • Reduce cellulite
    • Raise basal metabolism
  • People who have been inactive for some time should start exercising by walking for 30 minutes for 1 month without the add-on.
  • Even with the weight at the inner sole, the shoes are designed to help prevent pain in the wearer’s toes for comfort.






Some of the exercises recommended by the company

Mun’s Comment:

  • It is not a new idea as we have witnessed in FitFlop. In fact, many years ago, some runners already had the weight strapped on the ankle level in order to have the extra intensity. Less people are doing that nowadays because of the high chance of getting injured. Therefore, with the weight on the inner sole, I wonder whether the company has tested the impact of these shoes on the knee and joints, especially those who are overweight.  But, you never know, fans of ankle weight may prefer these shoes because the weight is hidden inside a stylish sports shoes.
  • In fact, it is better to wear weighted vest. Weights far from the center of the body, like on ankles or feet may increase the chance of injury.
  • If someone seriously wants to lose weight by exercise, it is more productive to take that weight and quadruple it and then do it with weight lifting.
  • For those who want to try Power Diet shoes, I recommend they are used for walking and light jogging on smooth surfaces (indoor track or treadmill) as a start.

Whether Power Diet shoes is another fitness craze, we will see.



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  • BuffMother // Jun 5, 2009 at 10:59 PM

    Very interesting shoes…but I don’t think I’d use them in high repetion situations(long runs/walks) due to the unusual strain they could cause on my knee and hip joints. I agree that if you are looking to ADD resistance a weight vest is a better choice.

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