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  • Patricia // Feb 6, 2018 at 4:47 PM

    After many auto accidents I have always slowly return to my way of exercise but after my last accident my way is no longer for me.

    I’m 74 female that had to find new ways to live once again. I have always walked but after the last 2 accidents I slowed way down i.e. no walking. I saw myself slipping away. I said you must walk again, painful as it was I started once again. Oh my, I thought I was not going to make it back home many times. I made myself walk through my hips going left and right out almost crippled me. I kept going.
    “IF I DON”T WALK I WON’T WALK” in so much different pain. Remember the body has memory and while it will not make you new it will make you better.
    I started walking backward 10 steps, 20 steps and the body woke up. (I have 3 injuries in my knee now when I go out almost every day the knee is not much of a problem at all. Legs seldom seldom bother me. I’m so strong when the joints come out of place they snap back in place, that’s what exercise does for your body soul and mind.
    Great things are taking place. I started my program 1 yr 4 months ago walking forward. I’m now 74 this Jan 2018 I started slowly on the backward walk (may make you dizzy) I will survive!!!and I did. I finally reached 200 steps backward on a slow incline hill. I feel great. People don’t give up I almost did.
    Sign me in, IF I DON”T WALK I WON”T WALK!!!

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