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Why You Should Not Lock Your Knee

October 6th, 2013 · No Comments ·


While I started working out, I always heard people saying, “Don’t lock your knee”. I was not sure what they meant. Why on earth one would want to “lock” his knees with pad lock and how?

After clarifying with fitness instructors, I then realized it is a term used to tell people not to straighten their legs entirely during workout. Whether you are using resistance machine or free weights, do not lock your knees to a fully straight position.

Why Not Lock Your Knees?

  • This act will lock it at the range of movement and making the knee to sustain the weights and not your muscles. Your muscles should be the one doing the work. So, instead of developing your muscles, you are risking your knee.
  • Yes, the soft tissues of the joint are vulnerable to pressure and you may injure them for good.


In fact, not only in weight training, people who cycle or doing yoga or doing other activity that puts extra weight on knee, be sure not to lock your knees. If you are uncertain, ask the instructor. Take care of your knees. You cannot afford to hurt your knee cartilage.



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