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Will Running or Spinning Make Your Thighs More Bulky?

March 21st, 2013 · 2 Comments ·


Some people, especially women, have the perception that they will develop bulky thighs if they exercise by running or joining spinning classes.  Yes, most want to have nice, lean and slender legs.  But, whenever they think about cardio exercise that focuses mainly on the lower body like running, cycling or hiking, they link it up with big bulky legs.

So, is it true that running or spinning will bulk your legs?

It depends on your body type.  But most people out there, no, running or spinning does not make your legs grow bigger and bigger..  It is a misconception.  In fact, running or spinning does the opposite.  It burn calories from all over body parts, including your thighs and make them thinner and leaner.  You do not lose fat from only selected areas of your body.  When you lose your body fat, it comes off from all over your body, just like onion, layer by layer.

In addition to fat burning, running or cycling works your butts, quads, hamstrings and calves.  These muscles are toned up.  Coupled with loss fat, it is a matter of time you will reveal your nice toned muscles which hides under the extra fat.



If you do not believe what I said, go to a gym or park and look at those avid runners or cyclists.  You will see them having toned legs and not huge bulky muscular leg muscles.  Those 100-meter sprinters have muscular legs not because of the run, but because they do weight training to build those muscles.  They need those powerful muscles to help them propel and dash for the short distance of 100 meter.  If you look at those long distance runners or marathon runners in TV, they have slim long legs because rather than requiring power, they need endurance.



Moreover, you will not have big legs just because you run.  You will need to take protein supplements and more importantly, weight trainings with heavy load of squats, deadlift, leg press and other leg workouts.  Women have less testosterone (hormone needed to build muscles) and therefore will not simply have huge legs just because of running.

If you still have concern about running making your thighs bigger, I will suggest you to do mix of different cardio and not just run or walk.  The combination of running, swimming, cycling, elliptical training, and aerobic classes will work on your different muscles and make your stronger overall.

So, no more lame excuse not to run, jog or spin.



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  • blackhuff // Mar 22, 2013 at 4:16 PM

    Love this post. What you said is exactly what my trainer told me too last week. I am for sure going to give spinning a try :)

  • Pat // Apr 18, 2013 at 7:21 PM

    This is a myth that needs to be corrected. Actually, running will make your legs look good. Your muscles will get learner and you will have less fats if you do running and spinning regularly. It is not the same with weight training exercises which can make your muscles grow big.

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