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Will You Allow Your Kids To Joing Pole Dancing Class?

August 7th, 2011 · 2 Comments ·


Pole dancing is getting popular in the US, Europe as well as Australia. Some marketing gurus have called pole dancing class as “fitness with a vertical pole” to get rid of the negative public’s perception towards the class. Similar with yoga classes, some studios are targeting parents to send their kids to pole dancing class for kids. The interesting question here is – If you have daughters, will you allow them to join the class, even the instructors insist that no sexual moves are taught?

I am not a parent yet, so it may be unfair for me to say that parents who stop kids from joining pole dancing are bad. It is sometimes important to set a boundary. Let’s admit that kids are inquisitive. They are curious about new things. They may explore more. Kids like to play. Kids like to dance too. Be it ballet, belly dance or even pole dancing.

Before jumping into decision, if we let the kids learn belly dance and yoga, why not pole dancing? Belly dance and yoga are not so sexual? Look at the revealing clothes worn by belly dancer and imagine the doggie lookalike pose used in yoga, you get the ideas?  Ahem.

May be, adults are the one who think this way by seeing sex in daily position. For kids, what they want is to have fun. Kids will not know the bad perception associated with pole dancing. They probably think that it is a fireman’s pole.


Some may argue that we may be able to stop the kids from doing what they not supposed to do at young age, but when they grow up and want to be stripper, they will be the one who decide whether they take the class or not. Therefore, the pole will not decide one’s career or lead to promiscuity. It is a person’s personality. True enough, but I am still not totally convinced with pole dancing for kids.

If I were a father, will I allow my daughter, aged less than 12, to join a pole dancing class? Probably agreeing to let her take the class, I will encourage her to consider other fitness classes. I do not deny the fact that pole dancing build good upper body strength and flexibility, but I rather get her joining outdoor games. I just feel not the right thing to do by sending a message to my girl that it is fine to dance with arousing position. Britney Spear and Beyonce dance moves in the concert have already confused many teenage girls. We do not need another pole dancing class.

What say you?




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  • Arnav Sarkar // Aug 9, 2011 at 4:40 PM

    Good point. I agree, pole dancing and such stuff are really not allowable for kids below 18, and even then they should spend out of their own pocket for it.
    Besides I am not sure if pole dancing is a great option to get fit. You see the thing is that you must be in a reasonably good condition to be able to do it. I mean if one cannot even hang by the pole for 2 seconds then what will they do during the entire session?

  • bree // Jan 18, 2012 at 1:12 PM

    There is nothing wrong with kids pole dancing it is such good fitness! and as for people not able to hole their self up because they havent done it before they will get stronger while learning even pluss sizes think they can’t do it but practice makes perfect!… pole dancing has been sterio typed by blokes and strippers not all pole dancers are strippers or wanna be strippers! ive just got my sister into it and shes 13 and she LOVES it.. shes so good aswell only been doing it 4 weeks and can already do the scorpio! it’s so elegant and beautiful when you know how to use the pole.. there is nothing at all with children doing it.

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