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Will You Buy Smaller Clothes For Weight Loss Motivation?

August 31st, 2013 · No Comments ·


Through a casual conversation with some female colleagues, I found out that few of them actually have bought smaller sized clothes as weight loss motivation.  If you wonder whether this little trick has helped them to achieve their weight loss goal, sadly, not for now for any of them.  That conversation makes me have a deep thought.

For some, getting smaller jeans or tops reminds them of their goal.  They will visualize themselves in that clothes. The clothes inspire them to stick to their exercise routine and diet plan.

But, the question is that will one know that whether her body will be healthy being that size.  It may just a random guess.

Second, imagine everyday you open up the closet in the morning and look at the tight jeans you have bought.  Day in day out, you either become “immune” to it or you have got your mood killed by it.  In this case, the trick has backfired.

Don’t get me wrong, if buying a smaller clothes motivate you and have worked for you, by all means, go ahead and do it.  But, I prefer to get clothes that fit me now.  If I ever slim down for good reason, then only I will buy smaller clothes accordingly.  When you slim down, your body may end up in a slightly different shape than what you expect.  One good example, happened on one of my friends – she spent much time cycling, and yes, she has lost weight finally, but her legs and butt became more muscular.  Too bad, the smaller jeans would not work.

What you can do, instead of spending money to buy smaller clothes, keep one or two pieces of old smaller clothes. At the mean time, buy clothes that closely match your size.  So, when you put on weight, your current ones will not fit and therefore urging you to watch your diet and exercise religiously.

Under current economic downturn climate, I just do not feel right to buy small clothes that do not fit me now – it is a big waste of money to me.



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