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Will You Wear “Charlie Bite” To Lose Weight?

December 31st, 2009 · No Comments ·


I am not sure whether you have worn braces before. My brother did. When he started to wear braces, he actually lost some weight for the first few weeks. He did not eat much because he had not get used to the feeling of having foreign objects stuck to his teeth.

Based on similar concept, a creative dentist has come out with a metal device which is cemented to the lower teeth. If you open your mouth too wide, a hinged piece of metal comes down, preventing you from chewing until you lift back in place, making you to eat slower. By eating slower, you feel full before you overeat.

This device is called the Charlie Bite, named after its inventor Charlie Comstock. Unfortunately, this thing may affect your speech somewhat. According to the inventor, the inconvenience of wearing the Charlie-Bite is by design. It serves as a constant reminder that you have to lose weight. It forces you to cut up your food, take smaller bites and chew your food more thoroughly.



Charlie Comstock claimed that this oral device has helped patient to lose about 1.3 pounds a week. Prices range between $1,500 and $3,000 dollars, which includes a weekly checkup in which the Charlie Bite can be removed, cleaned and re-applied. The wearer cannot remove the appliance from the mouth himself and can only be removed by the attending dentist.

Some critics said said that wearing Charlie Bite is one step away from wiring the jaw shut. They also do not see people paying few thousand to have this things put into the mouth and not able to enjoy a plate of steak. On other hand, some people accept it because this weight loss thingy is hidden inside the mouth and their friends will not know it.

What do I think about Charlie Bite? I have no question in its effectiveness in slowing the eating process, but if you still drinks soda or beer and does not exercise regularly, you will still fail to lose weight. Chastity belts were worn by women to prevent them from having sex. Nowadays, we have people wearing Charlie-Bite voluntarily to lose weight. Are we moving backwards?

We need to learn to love our bodies. Listen to our own bodies’ need. Do not eat way past our full point. Learn to stop eating when our body tell us is full. No doubt, it will takes some practice but it is better than having Charlie Bite. Willpower comes into play after all.

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