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Gay Encounter at Gym (1) – Are You Single?

The gay encounter at gym series is actually one of the most popular posts at my defunct old blog. Decided to republish the posts. As the encounters were real experience, no ill feeling is intended to offend anyone. Read with open mind and take it with pinch of salt.

The fist incident took place in July 2004. I was still with Clark Hatch Fitness Center that time.

One night, as usual, after working out, I went to the male changing room. I saw a guy, who was about my age, sitting there with earphones listening to MP3. As usual, being friendly, I smiled at him.

It was pretty late, about 9:45 PM when most of the members were either taking shower or busy packing up. But, this gentleman, was still sitting there, staring at everyone. Some of us were baring our chest (not naked entirely) and some were only with underwear.

I did not really pay attention to this guy. After I took my shower, I realised that I was the last person to be there.When I were about to open my locker, saw a paper stuck there.

“Hello, I am… I hope to befriend with you. My hand phone number is ….. and my e-mail address is …”

No big deal, first time I ever get this type of message, from a guy. I did receive these notes during my secondary school days, but all from girls.

I walked out from the changing room to return the towels. Oh, the friendly guy was standing there, pretending he was not aware I was standing beside him.

Mun: Hi man, are you …?

The Guy: Yeah. Oh, you got the little note.

The fellow and I were standing close to each other. He was pretty fat for his height, probably between 80 and 100 kg. I saw an earing on one of his earsI saw some make-up too on his face.

No big deal. Or so I thought. We were walking, side by side, towards the exit of the gym.

Mun: I am Mun. Nice meeting you. Have not seen you before, are you a new member here at this gym?

The Guy: Oh, no. I am holding Passport membership so that I can go any Clark Hatch fitness center. How about you?

Mun: Oh, I only come to this gym.

The Guy
: You want to go for a drink?

: It is too late. I have some paper work to do.

The Guy
: OK. I’m staying in Puchong. Where do you stay?

Before I had a chance to answer that, he fired me a question which made my heart stop beating for 3 seconds. I expect this question would have come from a babe, and not from a guy.

The Guy: Are you staying with your girlfriend? Are you still single?

: Hmm…

The question was unexpected from a stranger, a male stranger whom I have only known for less than 10 minutes.

: Hey, mate. I gotto run now. See you some other time.

The next day, I went to the gym. One of the instructors, who was pretty close to me, disclose the truth to me.

“Mun, do you know the fellow who spoke to you is a gay? He asked me out for drink too the other day! He has been doing this in most of the Clark Hatch fitness centers. If he tries to molest you, you better let the branch manager know and we shall take appropriate action.”

I was cool that night. I told the kind instructor that I have not been harassed and I would not let that happen.

The guy appeared again that night. He tried to talk to me, but I appear cold (as cold as Pepsi Ice). He got the message and I never see him again.

Sorry, I am not gay. I prefer minty hole and I never like spicy hole.

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