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4 Basic Facts About Body Fat

fat tummy

When your weight is 180 pounds, it does not mean that you are fat. Your bone, muscle and even blood are part of the weight. What is more important is to find out about your body fat. Here is another article explaining Why Measuring Body Fat Is More Important Than Body Weight?

Here are some of the interesting facts about body fat you may want to know:

1) Types of Fat
We have fat (adipose tissue) all over the body. You have two types of fat storage one is subcutaneous fat (beneath the skin), and the other one is internal fat (also known as visceral fat) whose main function is to protect your internal organs. The subcutaneous fat contributes as much as 80% of the entire body fat.

Not everyone is the same. Some of us have more subcutaneous fat to lose and others have more internal fat to lose:

  • Men tend to lose more internal fat, while obese women lose more subcutaneous fat. source.
  • Regardless of gender, diet alone results in more internal fat loss (and less surface fat loss). Exercise seems to result in more subcutaneous fat loss. source. Therefore, diet plan and exercise are both needed for one to lose body fat. But, exercise is definitely a must since 80% of the fat is subcutaneous fat.

2) Fat Storage
When comes to fat storage, women generally gain fat around the buttock and thighs – pear-shaped; Men normally store fat around the abdomen – apple-shaped.

3) Burning Fat
Fat typically goes first from the most recent place it appeared. For instance, if the last place you see fat is your chest, it will be the first to go when you burn fat. So, if your buttock is the body part which started gaining fat first, it will be the last place for the fat to disappear.

It is common that a guy (like me) complains of getting thin in the face and yet still has a spare tire around the waist. Lady may complain of a smaller bust, and yet the hips measurement may stay the same.

4) We Do Not Absorb All Fat from Food
When you eat oily food, that fat is not entirely absorbed into the body. About 5% is eliminated in the faeces (I mean, shit). However, this does not mean that you should simply eat oily food.

Hopefully, these basic facts about fat have given you a better idea of what body fat is and how you can lose body fat – but not necessarily have any immediate change in appearance. Doing sit up or crunches alone just to get rid of the fat in the tummy is not going to help. In other words, spot reduction is almost impossible. Instead, you should imagine subcutaneous fat as layers of an onion. We need to get the layer off, one layer by layer from the whole body.

I know that it can be very frustrating. Be patient and stay committed to your training and nutrition. Never be influenced by any weight loss product commercials showing perfectly proportioned sexy bodies. Most of them are just scams. Learn the facts and set realistic goals accordingly.

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