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How Mun Started in Gym

take things granted

This is a true story. To me, I will call it a revelation. I learn many of my lessons the hard way.

I dare not claim to be a fitness expert. My definition of fitness goes beyond physical fitness. It includes nutrition which I have much to learn. In fact, mental fitness is vital too, but let’s leave it out for now. Whether it is workouts or diet plans, keeping our weight in check and our body fit is imperative for good health.

Many of us take health for granted, especially when we are young. I was one too. Once started working, I seldom did any exercise. Fried food was a must in almost all my meals. Instead of breakfast, lunch was my first meal of the day.

Never appreciated the importance of health until I was sick during an assignment overseas. I remembered that I had a terrible fever for a few days. Running nose and sore throat came at the same time. Lost my appetite too. Body temperature was high during that three days. Three days seemed to be three weeks for me. Though I have finally recovered, things did not improve.

My health got worse. I fell sick once every three months. I was so weak. Body weight was going down. The worst moment was when my weight dropped…

Dropped all the way below 50 kilograms.

It was early the year 2003.

I knew that I had given myself too many excuses for not exercising. It was time to make a change. Enough is enough.

So, I signed up for a one-year gym membership with Clark Hatch Fitness Center. I paid the fee in one lump sum, and I told myself, “No turning back”.

I picked up the weight, the lightest I could find in the gym.

I put my feet on the treadmill, the most accessible cardiovascular exercise in the gym, and started runningThe feeling was great and I slept well that night though with sore muscles.

It is not really rocket science. Neither is black magic. It is all about discipline.

Going to the gym was the first step I took. I started with two sessions a week before sticking with 3 to 4 times a week.

In the meantime, I started to make sure to have at least 8 hours of sleep.

When it comes to food, I no longer avoid vegetables and fruits.

Also, I drink enough water.

Time flies. One year. Two years. Three years.

Four years later, I am glad about my decision, and I never look back.

I hope that you will learn from my mistakes. I paid for the price and will share my workout experience with you in this blog. I shall pen down what I know about the subject.

Hopefully, this blog will help you. Read it, with a pinch of salt, and with a sense of humour. The gym is where I regained what I lost – my health.

How about you? How you started in the gym?