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13 Tips For New Mom To Increase Breast Milk

posted on February 23rd, 2014 ·

Mun’s Note: This post was contributed by one of readers. Kelly is a mother of 3 kids, aged 7, 5 and 2. In this post, she shares her experience in breastfeeding.


I know many breast feeding mothers worry about their decreasing milk supply.  So, it is common to ask around trying to find out the ways to increase it. When mothers return to work, babies are breastfed less and therefore breasts milk are produced less.  The easy way is to replace breast milk with formula but we all know that the best food for newborn baby is really the breast milk.

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Cardiovascular Exercise Face-Off: Treadmills versus Elliptical Trainer

posted on February 15th, 2014 ·


I have written about elliptical machine. Some readers are puzzling whether treadmill is a better choice to help them burning more fat. In fact, some are planning to buy either one of them to use at home but not sure which one should they choose.

So, question here, which one is better, treadmill or elliptical exercise machine (also known as cross trainer)? (more…)

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Is It Safe For Pregnant Woman To Eat Fish?

posted on February 9th, 2014 ·


Friends have been telling my wife to avoid eating fish during her pregnancy to prevent mercury poisoning in the developing of fetus. On the other hand, I found another school of thought which mentioned that pregnant women who eat fish frequently have smarter kids. Source I do not really buy into the story. After all, kids are bright not just because the mother eat lots of fish or not eating fish, either. Eating fish is probably one of the hundred possible causes. Many other things may have influenced fetus’ brain development.

Now, let’s look at the question – is it safe to eat fish during pregnancy? (more…)

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Why You Should Do Lunge For Your Legs?

posted on January 30th, 2014 ·


Many give squat the title of “The King of Exercises” for the lower body. If we have the Queen version of it, it will be Lunge. Lunge is an exercise, either you learn to love or you hate. In fact, it is often overlooked in most people’s leg workout. Many people pay more attention to leg workouts using machines, but have neglected lunge which you can do purely with body weight.

If you want nice legs and firm butt (especially for girls who like to wear bikini), you really have to do lunge!

Squat and lunge both work the lower boy, but I see few different major changes between a squat and lunge: (more…)

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What Exactly is Circuit Training? Circuit Training 101.

posted on January 25th, 2014 ·


Have you ever seen a trainer in your gym set up different weights or equipments at few places before getting someone to start working out? The user then moves from one place to another. He is actually doing circuit training. In fact, some gyms I have visited have actually grouped few resistance machines together at one area to be used for circuit training.

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Is Muscle Growth Still Possible If Weight Training Starts at Late Fifties?

posted on January 18th, 2014 ·


I happened to know a friend who is in his late fifties at the gym few weeks ago. He just joined the gym and only started working out since then. He wondered whether he still can expect muscle growth at his age with weight training. In fact, when we age, we will lose muscle mass. Therefore, weight training will slow down the process.


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